Hello FAQ

Frequently Used Greetings

So maybe this would have been better titled a FUG than a FAQ but well it's too late for that. This little website is dedicated to the small talk interactions we have when first meeting someone specifically our initial opener the "Hello" (or "Hallo!" or "'Ello!") and its two big follow ups "How Are You?" and the dreaded "What do you do?".

The responses I've gathered are from real people using crowd sourcing (Amazon Mechanical Turk) and just plain ol' user comments. If you have anything to add to this malarkey, send me an email. I'll try to get back to you within a week ... hey! This is only a hobby.

And so now I must say, goodbye.

P.S. - If it wasn't readily apparent, this is a work-in-progress but I promise it will be done soon.