Hello FAQ

100 Ways to Say 'Hello'

Ever get bored of just saying HI? Here's a survey done with Mechanical Turk that asked participants to come up with something else. Perhaps you can use these in your own daily hand wavings ...

  1. Ello ello!
  2. What's up, Buttercup?
  3. To Jim: Hi Bob.
  4. Greetings, fellow human.
  5. How ya smelling?
  6. When I first meet someone and they ask how I am I often say "happy as if I had my right mind". That one sometimes gets a chuckle.
  7. Hey there cutie pie.
  8. "sup with chew?"
  9. Top of the morning. My day is off to a great start because I say you. Did you see that chicken cross the road?
  10. what up home slice?
  11. "What's cookin good lookin?"
  12. Waddup Son.
  13. Will you shake my hand? I've been told I have a poor handshake and so I'm practicing!
  14. What's happenin', Captain?
  15. Hey what's cracking?
  16. How's your uncle?
  17. What's shakin, bacon?
  18. How's every LITTLE thing?
  19. Ahoy-Hoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qonpElvRu8Q
  20. What's kickin'?
  21. What's shaking!
  23. I remind me of you :)
  24. What's up buttercup?!
  25. Bob's your uncle?
  26. Salutations!
  27. What's shakin', bacon?
  28. Hola, douchebag.
  29. Sup Playa'
  30. Hiya, George! (Funny when the person is not named George...)
  31. What up nerd.
  32. How hangs the hammer?
  33. hey, have you seen that star? You are the star that lights my day.
  34. Hey Dude What's Up
  36. what's crack-a-lackin', ding dong?
  37. What it do baby boo?
  38. Bottom of the morning to you, dear!
  39. whats up
  40. tell them a joke
  41. How's it going homeslice?
  42. Top of the morning to you.
  43. Howdy
  44. hey i lost my number can i have yours
  45. boo yeah!
  46. Ello chickadee and chickadude!
  47. Wear a shirt that says "hi" and wave and point to it every time you see someone. Get bye printed on the back and leave the same way.
  48. Haddy (like howdy)
  49. How's it hanging?
  50. What's cracking?
  51. Hey there monkey hair!
  52. howdy
  53. What's shakin'?
  54. What's up? The sky!!
  55. Howdy, my fellow American.
  56. What's shakin'?
  57. Hey there, what's up buttercup?
  58. walk up and ask have we met before? They say i dont think so, you go yes in a passed life you were my soul mate
  59. Suh dude
  60. Hello, I will remember today forever because I met someone like you today
  61. Hey, What's up buttercup?
  62. Top Oh the mornin to ya!
  63. I know hello in 6 different languages, which one do you want me to use in the morning
  64. Halo, my angel.
  65. hiya hope your day shines bright starshine
  66. Hi my name is "george" you must be gorgeous I know but whats your name?
  67. What's up buttercup?
  68. How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice...hi, I'm greg
  69. Do you know how we're alike? We both spent the first nine months of our existence crammed inside another human being.
  70. Sup noobs
  71. YO whats up
  72. Look what the Sanders bandwagon dragged in!
  73. Bonjour, ca va? Just got back from Paris today and wanted to know how you are doing?
  74. Good day to you!
  75. Howdy partner!
  77. How much does a polar bear weight? Enough to break the ice,
  78. How goes it?
  79. Howdy, folks
  80. What up Big Money
  81. Oh, it's just you.
  82. good day my stunning mate
  83. hell-ho
  84. Na Nu Na Nu!!, Howdili Hoe Neighbor, Are you tired because you have been running around my mind all day, Bonzai!!, WHATSUUUUUPPPPP!!,
  85. what's up doc, tic doc
  86. Oh! There you are.
  87. I just had a black salesperson come to my house saying, "I just heard that you were adopting black guys around your neighborhood?" It made me laugh.
  88. So what's your story?
  89. How's it hanging?
  90. What's up Friend-O?
  91. I just got back from space. What's new?
  92. hey dog
  93. hiya!
  94. "Dude." "You Again?!?"
  95. Whoa! It's you!
  96. Hey Crazy!
  97. What are you doing here?
  98. What's up, Sherlock?
  99. G'day Mate
  100. goodbye

Interestingly, a great many greetings are simply variants of "How are you?".

How To Say 'Hello'

There are many ways to greet people especially with different languages. This page will explore some common ways of saying hello. If all else fails you can probably just say hallo and it will be understood.

How to say hello in Spanish:

Hola. If you're new to Spanish, the "h" is silent.

How to say hello in French:

Bonjour! Oh come on. You already knew that!

How to say hello in German:

Hallo. No, seriously, that's it. I told you!

How to say hello in Korean:

안녕하세요 or annyeonghaseyo which can be used at any time whether morning or evening.