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100 Responses to "What's your Sign?"

Inevitably this seems to crop up in the nervous awkward conversations abounding in the night life and dating world. You might have heard it brought up after the weather to give pizazz to an otherwise banal small talk buffet. Here's the results of a survey I did to give you some new options beyond the original dozen.

Astrological Stop Sign

  1. Mine's NASA, what's yours?
  2. my dick
  3. Closed for business
  4. No Parking -This space is taken!
  6. Stop.
  7. A stop sign.
  8. I haven't had an astrological sign since Taco Bell's new Diablo sauce aligned directly with Uranus.
  9. Virgo Away.
  10. Live long and prosper
  11. My sign is 'no trespassing.'
  12. Stop! (Sign)
  13. What sign are you is?
  14. Do. Not. Enter. I'm pretty much a crab. Make of it what you can, sir.
  15. Stop, because I don't socialize with people stupid enough to believe in that sort of thing
  16. Hey Venus, I'm the Mars. Come over here.
  17. My sign is "Do Not Enter"
  18. Yeild
  19. Cupid's evil twin brother.
  20. "I don't know, baby, but I can see the stars in your eyes."
  21. I'm a bit crabby.
  22. My sign is bored because I'm so bored with that question
  23. I would hold up my first two fingers in a V and say "PEACE"
  24. Dollar
  25. Hungry
  26. "Keep calm and carry on".
  27. Dead End
  28. I don't have an astrological sign, I've got star dust in my DNA.
  29. The black hole in space
  30. http://i.imgur.com/Ge72e0J.gif (I would sign this in ASL...It means "Bitch, please.")
  31. My middle finger.
  32. Oh, I think you mispronounced it and you mean my anatomical sign. I think it is a stick figure wearing a skirt.
  33. Vegetarian...
  34. Why the most successful, rich and powerful animal of course.
  35. I'm a very snarky Sagittarius.
  36. "Will work for Food!"
  37. I've always been quite "crabby" and now the stars prove it
  38. I have no clue. Just kidding; I'm a Capricorn.
  39. They're all foreign to me!
  40. I'm a simba, bruh
  41. Those two are always together
  42. The red one with the white writing....stop.
  43. I'm HOT!, Like the Aquarius Sun.
  44. My sign? Exit only. Bye Felicia.
  45. i happened to check my sign a few minutes ago and it suggested i don't talk to people who believe in dumb things like astrology.
  46. I'm a capi.
  47. I am the little ram that runs through the fields. Do not get me angry though or we will butt heads!
  48. dolla sign
  49. I am the dual personality twin symbol gemini.
  50. Sign of the sexy.
  51. Wrong Way. Do not enter.
  52. Your Mama
  53. I don't know if I can tell ya, cause it might sting if I did!
  54. I am a two faced ratchet Gemini.
  55. Lawyers R US
  56. Do not enter!
  57. Do Not Enter...icus.
  58. "One half of my Gemini face would tell you to mind your own business, the other side would say "Gee, why are You so interested?"
  59. Cancer; I have 3 different kinds of it.
  60. It's in my cancer.
  61. The one in the sky
  62. im quite unbalanced if you know what i mean
  63. say "do you mean, heres your sign?' -jeff foxworthy comedian. A bit in the past .
  64. Stop. Yes Stop is my sign.
  65. (All I can think of are pretty lame ones but here goes): Stop, Do not enter, Reserved, Wrong Way (assuming you want to reject that person). Other replies: Entrance in back, Wet Paint, Street, 420th Street. They shouldn't actually say the word astrological, but if they do: "Whichever one makes you go away." or "I don't know but I'm getting a strong Cancer vibe from you."
  66. Beware of ninjas.
  67. I have been told i am a pisces of heaven here on earth.
  68. Exit
  69. I look a little fishy (pisces). Touched for the very first time. (virgo; Madonna quote.) Part of an elite group of scientists and hackers. (TV Show called Scorpion.) A sorcerer's apprentice that had trouble with many obnoxious brooms. (Disney's Fantasia). I'm a secret agent on the beat like 007. (TV Show "Archer"; Saggittarius) I have creature that was resurrected on a stone table. (Movie "Chronicles of Narnia"; Leo) I'm a tough truck made by Dodge. (Aries; A Ram)
  70. Whatever you want it to be!
  71. I'm on the cusp of "stop" and "move along"
  72. "Cow crossing, seriously it's bull , I mean Taurus."
  73. Astrological signs are for people with their heads in the clouds.
  74. "Out of Order"
  75. I don't respond to pick up lines.
  76. 1. stop sign. 2. no trespassing 3. Not sure. I left it outside. I'll go check.
  77. Caution - low flying planes.
  78. It's fishy, but you can trust me baby.
  79. Sorry, we're closed!
  80. Do Not Enter
  81. A scornpio (scorpio)
  82. I'm sorry, I don't know sign language.
  83. I am a Bull-hovering Taurus among the stars!
  84. The boar. I'm totally "boared" by this topic!
  85. making an obnoxious hand gesture
  86. Uranus
  87. Arise from the morning sun and you will see a Heroic Leader, Aggressive, Take Charge, A Romantic and some say a little short fused and a bit jealous, but look for it is Aries. Zodiac sign for those born from March 21st to April 10th. Competitive to some and since it is a a fire sign, it sometimes takes action before thinking of the reaction one might take. Always ready to be the first and sometimes being the first is not a good thing but willing to go where no man has gone before "ya i got that onee from Star Trek".
  88. My sign is Stop.
  89. what's your iq?
  90. No.
  91. My sign is you! I prayed to the moon that they would drop a star to my life and they did.
  92. my sign is anything you like baby and it says come hang with me for a good time.
  93. I'm not one to take much bull.
  94. My astrological sign is a stubborn, bull-headed and determined animal who is sure fire and head strong.
  95. you tell me
  96. The sign of the cynic.
  97. Well one ofor the best Gemini. We are strong and not two faced
  98. My sign .STOP.!! Asking a sign is not a good pick up line.
  99. Stop.
  100. Spermophilus